About us:

We are proud dogowners for over 20 years and since 2003 we have lost our heart to the French Bulldog. With our first French Bulldog, Sammy, we have attended several exhibitions and she "made" us aim ourselves competely at this splendid race. With the arrival of "Daphne Britt v. Marver's Fortuna" in our home, also the first victories in the showring came. In 2005 this made us dicide to breed a litter with her when she would be ready for it.

We applied for a kennelname that same year, "van Moezel's Oever", named after the Frisian river "Moezel", at which we live, in Raerd. In 2006 it got to the point that we were given the chance to breed Britt, she already was Dutch Junior Champion, to Multi Ch. "Kadin's Urkan van Sans Pareil". A beautifull litter, with "Armani Enzo v. Moezel's Oever" and "Aurora Contessa v. Moezel's Oever", was the result.

From that moment on things went fast; over the course of 10 years we bred several beautiful litters en many of our dogs and their offspring were very successful in the showring. In all, the dogs we showed ourselves obtained a handful of Junior titles, 4 International Champion titles, 4 Dutch Champion titles, 3 Luxembourg Champion titles, 2 Polish Champion titles and 1 French Champion title. Needless to say we are very proud of these results.

All our dogs live in our home, you won’t find any kennels in our place nor dogs put away in a shed. And of course our puppies were raised in our home, in our living room with the other dogs and around us. Only occasionally and very selective we bred a litter. Health, character, exterior and minimizing blood-relationship are of great importance, one never compromising the other. On occasion and selectively our males were at stud for suitable females.

Personal circumstances led to a stop on our breeding program since the end of 2014. And although we're very sorry about it; we won't be breeding again in the future.

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